Couples’ JumpStart

Affairs, pornography, massage parlors, late nights on the computer, unexplained absence from home and work all become routine. The devastating results of sexual addiction are ripping apart your marriage. The foundation of trust you once had has cracked and eroded. Self-doubt, fear, rage, humiliation and insecurity punctuate your every day.

In the recovery process, the spouse of the addict is often on the outside, while the addict receives treatment.

“I’ve really moved on, why can’t you?” the addict is often heard to express. This leaves the spouse fuming, and confused, “Why am I to blame for your destructive behavior?”

Our objective in this workshop is to JumpStart the process of healing and recovery from the toll of years of addiction. Through guided exercises, your marriage can begin to restore trust and rebuild new patterns of communication.

In our intensive weekend workshop we will create effective strategies targeted for long-term success. The couples’ program includes an initial assessment to determine levels of progress and needs of each couple. The intensive weekend will provide opportunities for couples to use strategies and tools to:

  • Cease the shame and blame game
  • Identify existing strengths
  • Eliminate negative messages
  • Plan for emotional restitution
  • Begin to re-establish trust
  • Practice positive affirmation
  • Prevent relapse

Understanding the neurochemical process of addiction

We will create a welcoming, supportive and structured environment, designed to help couples break free from destructive patterns of relating and communicating. We will invite healing from underlying shame and blame that propels addiction and dysfunction. We will explore the nature of healthy marital dynamics, and plan for prevention of subsequent relapse.

The Recovery JumpStart Weekend will be held at:

115 N. Oak Park Ave., Suite 203

Oak Park, IL 60301

We will begin at 6:00- 9:00 pm on Friday, meet from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday, and meet again from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon on Sunday.

The cost for the workshop is $1200, including a light dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.  All study materials and books are included.

Our agenda for the weekend will be available as an email attachment or we can mail it to your address.

Bob (312-320-0341) and David (708-769-1509) can be reached by confidential cell phone or e-mail ( for more information. Please let us know how we can best reach you.

We request that a 50% deposit be made before the workshop, with the remainder due upon registration. Credit card payments are accepted.

2012 Recovery JumpStart (for Couples) Schedule

March 18-20 $1200 Glen Ellyn
July 13-14 $1200 Glen Ellyn
Sept. 14-16 $1200 Glen Ellyn